KD LEX CHAMBERS LLP, India is proud to announce its collaboration with ADR ODR International Limited, U.K. and certification from Singapore International Mediation Institute(SIMI), Singapore.

Dates for our new batch for Internationally SIMI & CMC Accredited 40 hour Civil/ Commercial Mediation Training Programme is 15-19 March, 2020

Location: KD Lex Chambers LLP, 821, Sector 15 Part II, Gurgaon – 122001, Haryana, India

Our course will be hosted at the specialist suites at KD Lex Chambers LLP, India and will be taught by some of our most accomplished international faculty.


Course Promoter:
Name: Eliza Rumthao
Mobile no: +91 9999 106001
Email: office@kdlexchambers.com

ADR ODR international prides itself in being one of the first dispute resolution organisations to bridge the gap between traditional face to face alternative dispute resolution and the emerging digital world of online dispute resolution.



This programme provides delegates with a minimum of 40 hours training to become a Civil/Commercial Mediator. The programme is taught by global experts that have decades of experience. Completion of the programme results in full accreditation as a UK Civil/Commercial Mediator meeting international standards in mediation.


ADR-ODR International can offer you access to a wealth of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) experts who have over 35 years of experience from over 10 countries. This expertise and experience alongside ADR-ODR International’s thought leadership

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and commitment to ODR, allows us to produce the best possible mediation course for aspiring Civil/Commercial Mediators.



The course is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC), U.K. , Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) and ADR ODR International, U.K., who are internationally recognised as Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution services provider by their many global corporate partners.


The training programme enables the candidates develop their skills and become peace makers following successful completion of their mediation training with us.


The Civil/Commercial Mediation programme is assessed via a 90 minute role play. This will be recorded using suitable equipment and will be sent to an independent assessor.
There is also a written course work requirement that allows tutors to assess your understanding of Mediation from a more academic lens.


During the course, each delegate will receive a course manual and course slides to use during and after the course. The course manual is a concise introduction to mediation and is designed to assist your learning thought-out the course and get you ready to practice as a Civil/Commercial Mediator.

  • The future of ADR depends on the Next Generation of Mediators