The state of art venue where you can peacefully settle down and harness mutual bonds

  • With litigation costing huge amounts of money, effective Conflict Resolution Management is essential to reduce costs, increase privacy and thus improve business relationships.
  • Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration and other contractual Conflict resolution methods offer low-cost, high returns options for the parties.
  • KDLC’s panel of distinguished neutrals comprising of learned former Judges, eminent lawyers and attorneys, former civil servants and professionals, who are highly qualified and hold expertise in adjudicating legal and technical commercial conflicts, gives the parties opportunities to opt for well suited Mediators or Arbitrators at reasonable costs.
  • Provides highly efficient modern infrastructure and secretarial support and facilities matching those available at such Centres abroad.
  • Fully administered Arbitration.
  • Recording of proceedings, if required by the parties, with the help of state of the art equipment and making the soft / hard copies of the same available to the parties as well as to the Arbitrators simultaneously.
  • Safely and securely preserving the records for the parties, if required, with option to retrieve the same as and when called for to do so.
  • Developing selection criteria for neutral selection, as well as generating list of neutral candidates to meet parties specific needs.
  • Resources for drafting ADR Clauses and ADR Agreements.
  • Appointment of special Arbitrators for emergency relief.
  • Procedures for Challenging and/or replacing neutrals.
  • Fund holding capabilities.
  • Disruption free proceedings by ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  • Allow parties to constructively and efficiently resolve conflicts
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Provide a range of options for Arbitrator and Neutral involvement
  • Conduct Mediation or Arbitration more efficiently with the involvement of administered bodies determined by the parties
  • Society’s greatest opportunity lies in tapping the human inclination towards collaboration and compromise, in the most creative social experiment of our time.

    Derek Bok

    President — Harvard University