What we are?

KD Lex Chambers LLP is a law firm established with the primary objective of promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism by providing conducive environment and appropriate infrastructure for quick and effective resolution of commercial conflicts as per the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as enacted and then amended from time to time by the Indian legislature and also under the overall broad umbrella of the Model Law of UNCITRAL and the New York Convention, 1958.

About ADR and its importance

Litigations in the courts of law are not only lengthy and time consuming but also mostly end up leaving the disputes unresolved for unnecessarily long periods putting the litigants under heavy financial and operational strains and thus jeopardizing the business relationships.

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provide easy, quick, amicable and mutually beneficial resolutions to such conflicts at comparably very much low costs to all the parties. Time being the essence in such conflict resolutions, the parties to such conflicts have been increasingly opting for ADRs over litigations in the courts.

KDLC as India’s first of its kind comprehensive ADR venue

KDLC, in order to make ADR mechanism completely client friendly, commits to provide various services and facilities with state of the art technical support to achieve this objective in an effective, efficient and professional manner with the involvement and intervention of highly professional arbitrators, mediators and neutrals from various legal as well as technical backgrounds.

KDLC facilitates institutional, ad-hoc and emergency arbitration proceedings

KD Lex Chambers LLP Location Advantage

There are many factors which make KD Lex Chambers LLP as an ideal location for mediation and arbitration

  • KDLC is located in Gurgaon in a primary locality close to National Highway 48.
  • Proximity to Delhi airport, with approximately 25 minutes drive.
  • Well connected to Delhi through Metro makes commuting comfortable and fast.
  • All budget hospitality chains in Gurgaon provide accommodation suitable to all.


Mediation Room

Arbitration Hall

  • Exclusive venue, inclusive of all you need to resolve conflicts.